Sometimes it’s not only about taking a stroll to Sik Silk UAE and fishing for pieces of cloth which would come together for form a brilliant suit, but rather it is about visiting the men’s online fashion store and knowing exactly what pieces of clothing you need that would go perfectly on your body and compliment the style that you are accustomed to. If you don’t know the basic guideline to the rules of fashion then keep on reading to find out:

  • Know your size

This is extremely important when it comes to buying fitted garments that you know would work just well on your body. Consider the size and maybe get a professional to help you note it down before you go for suit shopping because this way you will be able to determine the right length of your selves to end up just above your wrist and for the shoulder padding to not be too much if you have already got muscles in the area.

  • Pay extra attention to footwear

It is said that a man’s value is known from their shoes and it is absolutely true because according to psychology, your shoes are the first thing which comes under notice when a person looks at you. So if you think you can spend more on suit and work with your same old pair of shoes then you may want to divide the budget smartly because without good shoes, your suit may lose its whole value.

  • Be wise when following trends

There’s a whole fashion trend guide on internet but being a smart and mature individual, one must know when to follow them and when to completely ignore it. It is also extremely necessary to know and understand that which trend would look the best on them and which one they won’t be able to pull off. Consider the place and event and then go for it, unless you want to be a walking fashion disaster.

  • Be careful with colours

Be very picky with the colours because dark shades such as blacks and navy blues can indicate to a classic vibe while vibrant and bright bold colours such as yellows and reds can be more on the trendy side. With that said, don’t forget to have a few neutral tones in your wardrobe for a more muted look.