Media is known as the medium of transferring current situations and occurrences. The biggest media reliance is the news platform which gathers people in large communities and shares the briefings about it. A great number of audiences rely on UAE local news and internet to receive information. Here are other types:

  • Print media

This is probably one of the earliest and widely used media outlets by people. Print media refers to the newspapers, magazines, journals and all sorts of newsletters and articles which are printed. There is no doubt that print media has minimized to a great extent today but its importance still remains as most of the people prefer reading newspapers the first thing in the morning. Print media such as newspaper is basically about the follow up stories or detailed summary of the events that occurred in the past.

  • Television

This is one of the popularity gaining media after print Medias such as newspapers and journals. A cable TV has a few of the channels solely dedicated to broadcasting news and political matters. Some of the television cables are broadcast international news while other is national news based such as Sharjah news. They run certain program for a follow up story or a detailed summary just like newspaper but in form of people chatting and discussing the matter with one another while going live or recording the show.

  • Radio

Radio is one of those inventions which managed to make place in the daily lives of people before the televisions were even invented. It was the radio that introduced the idea of daily news broadcasting and entertainment to people whilst maintaining their routines. Even if the generation of today does not rely on radio for news, it still serves as primary news resource as people like to tune in while in their daily commutes which provide them the information about their locality such as the current weather and traffic etc.

  • Internet

Probably the world’s largest news serving platform which every single person relies on. Slowly and gradually, internet managed to transform all sorts of media to fall into the one single domain of internet where newspaper articles are published as blog posts, TV broadcasting as tweets and radio conversations as YouTube’s videos on channels. Despite the times changing, we still gather at a single platform.