It is not a hidden thing that pregnancy is a very difficult time but at the same time it is the most beautiful journey for the both mom and the kid and the parent as well. But just like everything else in this world that has different facts, there are some facts about this thing as well and there are things about pregnancy that the scientists are still finding and we are in luck that we get to know much about pregnancy and you are luck because here, you will get to know about those facts. Look over here to know more about best gynecologist in Dubai and keep reading to find out the most amazing facts;

  1. The first fact may get the ladies and gents a bit uncomfortable because we want to tell you that the size of the uterus gets 10 times more bigger for the baby to come out easily but there are women in this world that never get the bigger uterus meaning to say that their uterus doesn’t expand and the doctors have to cut the uterus to get the baby out and then they stitch it up back again.
  2. We know that the pregnancy lasts for 9 months but there are some special cases and even though each case of pregnancy is change but some are super special and so is the second fact that the longest pregnancy that went was more than 9 months and it was 375 days and the woman didn’t feel any pain and the doctors themselves decided that it is time that the kid should come out but amazingly, the kid and the mom both were find and dine.
  3. When we talk about longest pregnancy, well there was a baby who couldn’t wait to come outside the mom only beard pregnancy for 21 weeks only. The delivery was natural and the mom and the baby were both fine. The baby had to be kept in blue light in case if there is anything wrong but the doctors also let her out soon because she was fine.
  4. Then you should know that the women’s blood increases by 40 to 50 percent when she is pregnant because she is about to lose a lot of blood and that is why naturally she builds immunity.