Canada is considered as best tourist destination as it has many visiting places. It is also considered as best country for students as it has many worldwide known universities and it offers different types of scholarships for national and international students. It has best international and multinational companies and persons from other countries can also get job there. It has different visa options and some of them have lengthy procedures. If you are interested to apply for Canada but you don’t know about its complete procedure then you can also get help from the immigration consultants. There are many best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. But before this there are some important things that you need to consider before applying for its visa. But before applying for its visa you should read this article and you can view more information about Canada visa procedures in this article.

Know about your budget:

Before applying for any type of visa, you should know about your budget. There is different requirement of budget for its visas. So your destination, your duration and your visa type everything depends on your budget. So first of all you should determine your budget.

Know about your visa type:

Then you should know about your visa types. Canada offers different types of visas such as tourist visa, student visa, immigration visa and many more. So your visa type will also determine your duration of stay in Canada. If you are going to apply for student visa then your duration of stay will depend on your study. If you are going to apply for tourist visa then you duration of stay will be from few days to few months.

Prepare your documents:

Then you should prepare your documents before applying for visa. If your documents are not complete then your visa can be rejected. So it is necessary to prepare your personal documents, business documents and educational documents. You must get your passport before applying for its visa. If you already have passport then you should check its expiry date and if expiry date is near then you should go for the renewal of passport.

Know about your destination city:

You should also know about your destination city because if you will decide your city later then you can be in trouble later. Then you should find residence and visiting places in that city later.