Just like everything in this world that has some amazing facts, skin has some amazing facts as well and some facts are so amazing that they will shock you and make you care for your skin and love your skin. View it to know more about skin specialist in Dubai. Read some skinny facts below:

  1. Did you know that your skin is the biggest and the largest organ on and in your body? This is the only organ that has different layers and that is also inside and outside the body and this is the only organ on and in your body that has the power to heal in the fastest way. 
  2. Did you know that your skin is some weight of your body? You must be thinking that why you are not losing weight and may be that is because you have a lot of skin on you. We told you before in the above fact that the skin is the biggest and largest organ which also means that it has a lot of weight as well. Experts say that if you skin a human and weigh it, then it will weigh at least 15 percent of your whole body weight. Yes, this is true, so, the next time, when you have weight issues, remember that your skin must be healthy.
  3. Did you know that there are a lot of layers of your skin? You must be wondering that whenever you got hurt, you didn’t see any kind of layer, that is because it is very thin and even doctors see it with magnifying glasses. You must have seen the doctors wearing the glasses that are look like goggles and that is because they can see the layers of your skin properly and they cut your skin layer by layer so that you don’t bleed fast and you should bleed in away that your skin heals quickly.
  4. Did you know that your skin has automatic healing powers? Yes, this is another fact because when you get hurt and you see a brown covering on the top, that is the white blood cells, red blood cells and tissues of skin working on your skin to make it the way it was though it can leave a scar but that also heals if it is not big.