Facial Treatment Process

Getting the best Facial treatment in Dubai is an incredibly relaxing method to hydrate and exfoliate the facial skin, producing a beautiful, radiant complexion. There are several reasons why your customers might ask for a facial: they may need extra moisture, may want clearer skin, or may know the anti-aging benefits of an anti-wrinkle facial.

Unfortunately, not all facials go as planned, and customers can be left feeling let down after receiving less than satisfactory results. How can you ensure that your facial is a success and will leave your customer satisfied?

What Happens After Facial Treatment

Most facials are very pleasant, but there are always a few unhappy customers who experience “redness” or irritation at the end of the treatment and there can be redness occurred under eye bags after getting eyelash extensions in Dubai. Redness typically occurs because the salicylic acid used in most facial treatments reacts with the natural acids in your skin. This makes your face feel “sore,” “tingly,” irritated.” If you notice any redness after your treatment, make sure to apply a moisturizer immediately to stave off the possibility of additional redness.

Removing the Red Bumps

After redness has occurred, the next step is to remove the red bumps. Most corrective facials will have a procedure that involves a “laser” removal – this means that a trained technician will use a special tool to smooth out your wrinkles. “Laser” facial treatments are generally safe, but it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before having corrective facials. Some laser removal processes can also cause temporary bruising or swelling, which will go away after a few days.


The final step in the facial treatment process is a steam session. During this process, your aesthetician will gently heat up your face using either a handheld steamer or a fan-forced steam machine. This process is done in order to remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation to the area being treated. By doing so, the aesthetician is hoping to promote younger looking, clearer skin.


The massage techniques used during a facial treatment often differ from patient to patient, but the goal is to encourage blood circulation, increase flexibility, and encourage facial muscles to become limber and less rigid. Many aestheticians use different massage techniques such as traditional Swedish, deep tissue, as well as deep tissue and trigger point massage. Whatever massage techniques they choose, all of these techniques are meant to help the skin regain a healthy glow and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.