Very few people are owning an extravagant and luxurious car like Mercedes-Benz in dubai as it is very expensive and unaffordable for most of the people. Many people living in a city like dubai can only have dream to purchase such car. Mercedes-Benz provides a luxurious lifestyle to the owner as it possess a wide range of splendid features in it which gives an aesthetic appearance to it’s interior and exterior as well. Any accidental damage will cause a very bad impact on the captivating appearance of the car. For this purpose there are a number of shops and online sites available which provide the original and durable Mercedes parts Dubai, so the owner should check here inorder to restore the aesthetic look of his Mercedes-Benz in case of any unfortunate damage. Following are some of the luxurious features present in every Mercedes-Benz.

 Leather seating:

Luxury is constant with Mercedes-Benz no matter what model the person is choosing. Car’s seating plays a very important role on person’s mood as it is a source of comfort for the driver and the passenger. The long continuous drives are not going to be exhausting if the seating is comfortable enough. Mercedes-Benz offers a perfect leather seating which provides a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling to the one sitting inside. Secondly it’s appearance is also very much appealing which will complement the whole interior inside.

Heated front seats:

Many people love going on long drives in winter nights to enjoy the weather with their loved ones. Mercedes-Benz makes this journey more enjoyable as it have a unique feature of electrically heated front seat. This will allow you and your soulmate to have a warm and cozy long drive even in extremely low temperature.

Premium lighting:

Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of lighting available in different shades as according to the person’s mood sitting inside. This premium lighting creates perfect ambience inside and give it’s interior a splendid and captivating look.

Panorama roof top:

A panoramic roof top runs the full length of a car’s roof and this feature gives a perfect luxurious look to the Mercedes-Benz. It provide a whole view of sky to both, the front and back seat passengers. The panorama roof top will also improve a person’s mood sitting inside by letting in the fresh air and warmness of sun.