There are many countries in the world. These countries don’t just limit their services to their citizens and residents. The services and products of every country are provided to other countries with the help of import and export. These products and services help both the receiving and the sending country maintain a good friendship with each other and stay ready to help each other in hard times. There are a lot of people who are unable to utilize a particular product or a service in their own country. In such cases, these people travel to other countries to fulfill their demands, needs and wants. 

Education has become a main aspect of life. There are countless experiments, researches as well as laws that are being added in the syllabus of children every year. This education is significant for every person as education opens the mind but allowing it to discover the hidden wonders of the world. Every country has some kind of education which is unique than other countries and useful at the same time. Such educations are advertised on internet for which students prefer traveling to another country for the new experience of learning something which is full of informative concepts and theories. In the cases of studying, students are sent to other countries for education with the help of student visa. The time period of student visa is two, four or six years. In this time, the students are supposed to complete their studies. Once the visa is completed, the students arrive back to their countries unless they apply for a permanent visa. 

Visiting each other in a common aspect of life and no one can avoid it. To spread and receive love, people visit other countries in order to meet their loved ones such as family members, friends, teachers, employees as well as relatives. In such cases, visit visa helps others to visit their belongings. Visit visa can be of fourteen days, a month or two month. During this time people complete their activities that they had decided. With such facility, people pick the 14 days Dubai visa to meet their mates in other countries. 

UAE is the best place in the provision of products and services due to which a lot of people visit UAE for few days but end up changing visa status in UAE without exit from a short period to longer period. These people are usually businessmen, entrepreneurs or job candidates.