It is worth noting that many POS systems in the market today allow recalling a receipt on screen for an impression. If your software has this feature, replace the slow dot-matrix printer and get one of the fastest thermal printers on the market today. When the paper is finished, press the button and place a new roll. The chances are that you will soon end up renting or buying a POS in Dubai for apparent reasons. 

Everyday point sale F-cell system includes the computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, pole display, bar code scanner, magnetic swipe reader, modem, and point-of-sale software. Each piece offers the following functionality:

Computer – Runs the POS software and provides hardware interfaces for devices such as printers, credit card readers.

Cash drawer – A lock box that stores cash and is turned on to open by the pos software.

Receipt printer – Prints a paper copy of a sales transaction for the customer.

A barcode scanner – A laser type device that, when triggered above the bar code, converts bar code lines into numbers. This number stock-keeping unit then pushes back to the computer to see the automatic price.

Magnetic Swipe Reader – Reads magnetic stripe on the back of credit or debit card. Information stored on the magnetic stripe includes the credit card number, expiration date, customer’s name, and address. Point-for-sale payment is transmitted through the F-Cell system to credit card processing networks.

Modem – Point of sale allows F-Cell computers to communicate with bank credit card processing centers and other locations in the store chain.

– The software – Software runs on computers, controls various devices, and performs traditional cash register functions such as sales ringing.

Today’s point-of-sale software includes many more features besides computerized cash registers. As a result, the term POS system is slowly being replaced by the phrase retail management system. POS is now commonly referred to as a cash register facility only within the local management system.

The next step in POS evolution was the addition of automatic pricing. Instead of entering the department code and then the price of an item, the cashiers will now be able to enter the item’s stock unit and retrieve the point-of-sale price. The automated pricing, retailers save money by eliminating the need to price physical pricing on each item and reducing the cost of cashier’s errors. Always check the manual and learn how to use the retail POS system in Dubai.