Going to country that has the most hyped up talk about and that is said to be a rich country in terms of money and diversity, is every persons’ dream. This is also beneficial because let us say that you have worked and lived in such countries for years and now it is time for you to move to a different country and look for a job or business there, then the people of the new country will welcome you because you have a lot of experience. If you are looking for such advantages then we suggest that you should move to United Arab Emirates. You must be thinking that out of all the countries in the world, why would we suggest only this one. Well, this is because it fits the first line very well, it is a hyped up country and that is rich in terms of diversity and money. If you are interested in going to United Arab Emirates but don’t know how then we are here to guide you about Canada immigration in Abu Dhabi or get Canada visit visa from UAE;

  1. The first thing you should know that there are different kinds of visas in United Arab Emirates;
  2. Visit visa; this is the most common type of visa and according to the United Arab Emirates tourism report, each day 40,000 people come in 12 hours from 3 to 4 countries via visit visa and you should know that there are different kinds of visas;
  3. 96 hours visa.
  4. 14 days visa.
  5. 30 days visa
  6. 90 days visa and these visas are available with multiple entry as well except for the 96 hours visa
  7. Then there is visa freelance visa; although this visa is said to be illegal but there are many companies that give this visa. It means that you will have an employment visa of a company but the company is not responsible for your job or any other thing, you have to find on your own, although the company will issue you different NOCs as well.
  8. Then there is business visa which is also called the partner visa; this is the kind of visa that you can get for starting a business and this also comes in two variations;
  9. The one which you will have a 51 percent local as a sharing partner in your company which will nothing but to take money from you.
  10. The second is partner visa in free zone areas where you will be the sole owner of the business and you are only answerable to the govt.