Kitchen is the most beautiful part of the house. It keeps the family as one unit by being the hub of their favorite foods and beverages which bring the members together and give them some moments to enjoy and give time to each other. However, it is the kitchen that gets dirty the most. Therefore, refurbishing is required the most to the kitchen. Refurbishing is to give finishing touch. It can be costly but it can reasonable and affordable as well. It depends on you which company you are consulting. However, you can also do it by yourself as well. 

How to refurbish the kitchen yourself?

A person can refurbish the kitchen by himself or herself. Although, it takes long time, it can double the life of home’s jugular vein for cheap. All you have to do is to follow four steps: 

  1. Clean the place: First and foremost, srub the cabinets. For this, firstly remove the cabinets from their place and clean them with wet cloth. After cleaning, let them get dry. Besides, number them so that it will be easier for you to place them at their places correctly but make sure not to paint at the marks while painting or you will face the music. 
  2. Protect other parts and yourself: The second involves protection. If you are refurbishing cabinets, you are required to plaster all other things if the kitchen because they could be ruined if paint or chemical spill on them. Besides, you are required to protect yourself as well. Therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves, googles and socks to protect skin and eyes. It is good if you wear cloth on head to protect hair and head. 
  3. Keep hardware in soapy water: Third step is to make soapy water and place all hardware in it for 30 minutes. You can make the soapy water in basin or in any large tub. Placing hardware it will clean them and bring their lost shine back. However, plaster their parts where there are wires and electric cables to keep them away from getting ruined.
  4. Refurbish the cabinets: Fourth step is the actual step. In this step, pick your cabinet and paint it or sand it off. You can change door and hinges too to change the look for cheap. You have option either to make doors by yourself or call the company to order the doors after taking measurement and size. It is better to use oil water paints to paint the doors and cabinets because they give simple and decent look. 

So, you use these steps for small kitchen renovation as well but don’t forget to use kitchen wrap!